2017 Dubstep Top 5

1. Abstrakt Sonance: Hatched 13 (Hatched)

2. Opus & Loudcutta: : ENC031 (Encrypted Audio)

3. Dalek One: ENC027 (Encrypted Audio)

4. Diggerz: Esoteric EP (Untied)

5. DubDiggerz: 40hz Burn (DeepEnd!)


Vofa: Vitsia

AKA Sawf & ANFS, showing strong industrial literacy on the relatively new Athens imprint Kafta.

Two big tunes for me here: ‘Lisiaxte’ hammers out a leviathan beat of panning 120bpm fuzz, convulsing in a filthy radioactive swamp of bass murk – stifling in weight and reduced parameter. While ‘Ami’ belches out dismal, fog-horn pulses of polluted bass into a necrotic landscape. No compositional peacocking here, just brute repetition and creeping electronic drone that almost feels ritualistic and existential by the end.