The Final Boxed Show

Farewell Boxed then. Almost no chat, just tune after tune throw down. And a couple of real stand outs to my ears (mainly from Boylan if I’m not mistaken?). In (my) ideal Grime world I’d want of a whole set of these kindof tunes back to back; just a hard mix of grunting and brutish, economic and watertight instrumentals but hey…

33:46 Definitely a Boylan tune? (basically a variation of Glass (Boylan Devil Mix) no?)

37:30 Pure filth…

1:19:10 (Boylan & Riko) then into this instrumental…Vicious!!!

And the new Mumdance tunes straight after are on point too. You can instantly hear his quirky tech signatures on the production. Proper tear out bounce business.

Stave: Stave 17 (Standards & Practices)

Can’t get enough of this tune. Defies classification really, despite being tucked on the end of an industrial techno 12″. Definitely points the way to somewhere new I feel. Austere, haunting, and with big low end for the sound systems. Once again “moving in several directions at once”! (Fast tempo but somehow adrift on katabatic winds?)