Pinch b2b Mumdance b2b Logos: Rinse FM Tectonic takeover podcast


Needless to say this is blazing! Pinch starts strong and dark in his deep, booming 808 sub, stripped, 128bpm 4/4 vein and the mix never lets up. Mumdance nearly goes Breakcore at one point as well as dropping a Perc & Truss remix of ‘Move Your Body’ (a logical choice of remixer for that one!) and Logos drops some truly fierce, decon, Grime bangers about 3/4 of the way through. Riko is chatting too much shit by this stage though. Wicked tunes, just hard to hear them properly. Unbelievably dark brand new Kahn & Pinch dubplate mixed in by Pinch around the 1:36:30-1:37:00+ mark!!!! Bloody hell! As a whole it’s getting harder to really say what this style or genre is anymore, or what it’s morphing into, but that can only be good. These guys are ploughing a new furrow.

Sleeper: Lander


Sleeper & District’s Resurrection EP at the tail end of 2013 was a very techy, saw filtered, drum n bass type affair (sounding very like a slowed down Bad Company or Renegade Hardware in places) but Sleeper’s following Chestplate release was superior on all fronts. He’s definitely increased the bass tonnage of late (on his ‘Shatterz’ 12″ on his own Crucial label back in July of this year) and the subs positively ooze out of the speakers now like a perfectly oven-heated camembert cheese. ‘Lander‘ is a vast, haunting, oppressive deep space mission (& not a single rasta ingredient to be heard!) while ‘Stronghold‘ ratchets it up into gnarled, overheated, thruster engine momentum with monsterous lava bubbles of gloopy bass. Very paranoid and jittery.

Kahn: Abattoir


Chronology right up the spout here as already mentioned! This one came out back in Jan. but I only discovered it after more digging following the more recent Gantz collabs. Well, Yes Iyah!….here we go again; this has the generic problematics (rasta=dark/gangster/moody whatever) but let’s face it, this is exactly the kind of track The Bug(ger) probably wishes he could make if he had the know how and the funk and not the clunk. Absolutely searing intro and a nasty, grunting, militaristic, trench-foot, bass stomp but ruined by the frikkin bumbaclaat rasta voice sample. Would I play it out? ‘ course I bloody would….

Commodo / Gantz / Kahn: Crystal Collect


Off the Volume 1 (2×12″) LP on Mala’s Deep Medi Musik label. I’m a big fan of Istanbul’s Gantz. His 2014 ‘Spry Sinister’ was a massive, hypnotic lumbering beast of a tune, really pushing the envelope of ‘deep’ and successfully deconstructing prevailing Rasta schtick to full effect at the same time. Still play it, still love it. His follow-up ‘Baby Face’ on Innamind Recordings kept the same deep, hypnotic vibe going but in a slightly more ethereal, psychedelic, tech vein. Haven’t really been feeling his other productions until this…

‘Crystal Collect’ kicks off with (sadly) almost mandatory Rasta foolishness and a “Yes Iyah!”, but all is forgiven when a truly nasty, saggy bottomed, post-rave vamp injects the venom on the drop before waiting to be used to relentless funereal effect the second time round. Very K hole and dubwise on the effects and reverbs.

Sherwood & Pinch: Precinct of Sound

late night endless

This was almost an obvious, perhaps inevitable collab but definitely more successful than the totally uninspiring, flat tyre, Pinch & Shackleton album. Late Night Endless from back in Feb is probably more of a late night smoke/headphone listen rather than a soundsystem banger but this short 2:48 but sweet cut stands out as the DJ tool, proving that a good Bass track can dispense with all niceties and obvious, unnecessary D’n’B intros. Boshing straight into teutonic neo-rave stabs with an ultra low bass wobble this lazer guides the rhythm into a guaranteed neck aching head bang while Mark Stewart style voices lecture and warn to full effect. “Wrestle with the unknown!”