Elefant Doc: GG249 (Pressed)

Proper Dubtronics (on the original that is…) without resorting to all the usual cliches (rasta samples, psuedo stepper nonsense etc). Just a wicked gloopy, vertiginous, lolloping stagger with filtered grit rubbed into the meat n bones. And the dub chamber on the snare = just immaculate.


Dead Noise System: Bulkhead EP



A superb new EP of pitiless, dystopian bleakness from the blasted, no-man’s land specialists DNS.

Far from evoking an underwater glide as the titles suggests (it just sounds too jagged, too ploughed up and ruptured to evoke the cold liquidity of the atlantic trench? A grim hunt, sure, but) ‘Radar’ feels rooted in a cold and lifeless landscape: Sea or land metaphors aside, this is probably their finest black ops, deep insertion yet. A rusty metallic beat clanks hard through the sinister creep of mustard gas FX and drone, while the bass saws and belches are so smeared out by reverb they merely fizzle limply above the wasteland like desperate flares put up in panic by wired sentries – highly unnerving and original.

There are possibly some comparisons to the likes of ARtroniks et al. to be made here. There’s a definite sub-cadre (away from from the big name dubstep ‘dons’ and labels) expertly crafting away in grim defiance who mercifully don’t seem to give a shit about producing according to the whims of the times, who don’t want their sound to be decorative, but true. There’s no false musical consciousness, just a kind of stoical grunt work that hits harder – DNS are dug in deep to their territory in this respect. Just don’t try a frontal assault on their position!




What a find. I love it when I hit the jackpot in my digging! This man is totally on point with his vibe. Fresh out last month, ‘Break Off’ is pure restrained intensity and a very deep space mission. ‘Steady’ on his Soundcloud page is, if anything, even better and more reined in? It needs a release soon.

This is almost a new industrial paradigm mercifully casting off the old EBM aesthetics? Cyclical springs, pistons, clanking, steam, pressure, furnaces burning in the night. Our old friends are still there but this is as futuristic and striking as the opening scenes of Bladerunner back in the day and absolutely what we should be striving for sonically right now. No bravado bullshit, ego-less. Just technical and cold and dripping with hydroponic bass groove.

Kahn: Abattoir


Chronology right up the spout here as already mentioned! This one came out back in Jan. but I only discovered it after more digging following the more recent Gantz collabs. Well, Yes Iyah!….here we go again; this has the generic problematics (rasta=dark/gangster/moody whatever) but let’s face it, this is exactly the kind of track The Bug(ger) probably wishes he could make if he had the know how and the funk and not the clunk. Absolutely searing intro and a nasty, grunting, militaristic, trench-foot, bass stomp but ruined by the frikkin bumbaclaat rasta voice sample. Would I play it out? ‘ course I bloody would….