CORIN: Manifest (Bedouin Records)

Blistering slice of 150bpm industrial footwork (?) conjuring ghosts of UR/Seawolf WPA/Punisher era. Relentless, monolithic, frantic, mech-loop thrash. Crystalline, shimmering ‘Exo’ is also pretty bangin’.

God knows how any of this kind of wild abandon (with even the slightest hint of drug taking) would translate on a dancefloor in the United Arab Emirates though? If at all? – Jump cut to scenes of a good cell beating… (but then maybe Bedouin is just another hipster label, safely ensconced in Berlin, playing off some intersectional cultural heritage – as is the vogue these days). I hope I’m wrong.

One thought on “CORIN: Manifest (Bedouin Records)

  1. yeah always felt some type of way about bedouin aswell being a middle easterner living in London it’s like hang on most of our families wouldn’t have had access to what little upmarket clubbing that was available in the 80s-90s that stuff is mostly an attraction for the upper classes and tourists. hmmm. i know there are house nights in Abu Dabi but they are geared to a euro expat clientele really. but then you have someone like Sote who lived in hamburg and the states and is now based in Iran making a kind of extremely noisey take on techno that is yes danceable but almost like hardcore idm if you know what i mean. so it’s a sit down thing. so who knows really. perhaps started a discussion in here

    as for Sote: amazing amazing record, like nerdcore magnetic north, gamelan rave – sounds very disorientating if you pitch it down by -18 aswell 🙂


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