2017 Dubstep Top 5

1. Abstrakt Sonance: Hatched 13 (Hatched)

2. Opus & Loudcutta: : ENC031 (Encrypted Audio)

3. Dalek One: ENC027 (Encrypted Audio)

4. Diggerz: Esoteric EP (Untied)

5. DubDiggerz: 40hz Burn (DeepEnd!)


Elefant Doc: GG249 (Pressed)

Proper Dubtronics (on the original that is…) without resorting to all the usual cliches (rasta samples, psuedo stepper nonsense etc). Just a wicked gloopy, vertiginous, lolloping stagger with filtered grit rubbed into the meat n bones. And the dub chamber on the snare = just immaculate.

Markee Ledge/Youngsta: Industrial (Artikal Music)

You know exactly what to expect with “single-minded” Mr. Plod; and no-one ever mentions him or his output without mentioning that, let’s be honest (which is just another scenester way of saying what exactly? You tell me hehe?)

Rigid, unwavering dubstep; typically functional, everything exactly where it should be, and where you expect it to be. It’s super solid, it bumps, you nod your head, you listen to the shorn and stripped minimalist aesthetic and then you move on. Until next time.

Diggerz: Esoteric (Untied)


Parisian sub fusionists (not to be confused with Slovenia’s Dub Diggerz!) give it some tight’n’hard, locked down, metronome, hoods-up business. ‘Public Nuisance’ is probably the coldest tune; gliding through the rain soaked streets, random looting and burning going down, hunting Replicants again kind-of-vibe. Just another night in the dystopian Megacity.

Pugilist: Raindance EP

Pugilist smashes it again on Kenzo’s Artikal. He’s going to be one to watch if he keeps this up. ‘Raindance’ drops dessicated, concrete block beats and such hugely compressed bass weight you feel like you’re levitating a few inches off the floor on a magic carpet of low frequencies. No idea how the kid does it? but it’s special!
‘Murmur’ is the other standout for me, with a quirky stagger and lolloping swing to the groove; more slimey, rolling, more organic and wastelandish.