Umwelt: Density


A faultless 4 tracker of gritty, sweeping, panoramic, industrial electro that somehow manages to successfully combine ultra warm, low end fuzz with frigid, Carpenteresque, dystopian rave shiver – like sweating and tripping hard on a warehouse dance floor in your bomber jacket, watching your own breath exhale, not sure if your fingers are going numb or if it’s the drugs? ‘Density 3’ is my personal fave – a claustrophobically hard-jacking acidic dirge with cold siren calls of toxic melody that strafe the metronomic beatbox pulse and glide. Dance into oblivion my friends! (His ‘Days of Dissent’ LP from last year is also definitely worth checking too).

Lunatic Asylum: 2000-2016 choice cuts


Speaking of that Italian broken beat techno sound, Guillaume ‘Dr Macabre’ Leroux has just dusted off his old hard drive archives and revealed some very tasty cuts in this vein – mournful, radioactive sunrise dirges over piston juddering, industrial beats. I’ve cherry picked them, although there aren’t any Soundcloud/Youtube uploads (as yet). Check them on Juno? :

7. ‘Before Dawn’/ 10. ‘Crying For HELP’ / 13. ‘Sunday Caramel’ / 18. ‘Late at Night’ / 19. ‘Today is a Good Day to Die’ (my personal favourite)

Hodge: Burned Into Memory


A deliciously simple, ultra phat, dance floor banger to get the sweat glistening on those young, thrashing limbs. Drenched in soggy, warehouse space reverb this has some clinically functional, lugubrious doomcore rave qualities. As with many Bass tunes of the moment the 4/4 kick drum is simply replaced to full effect by a 4/4 bowling sub. It does the trick.

I could probably, no definitely, lose it on the dance floor to this, coming up on 3 or 4 shit Es as the sirens wash over me and green lasers strafe the crowd. But those days are gone and hey, Hodge seems to have a pungent stench of annoying scenester about him and the Berceuse Heroique label even worse (don’t even get me started on them!).

He gets way too much online gush and props for his, frankly, pretty fuckin’ conservative, minimal, faceless grey output; I’ve checked it all, believe; most of it just more pointless techno junk to add to the endlessly burning plastic scrap mountains in China. But the cyberweb intershitnet craves more of everything now, continuously, so roll on the end of the world.

Who would want to be young these days eh? I’ll take my viagra and memories any day.

Untold: Strange Dreams

Strange Dreams

When I started checking Mumdance (his FACT mix 417 in particular) and Logos mixes on Rinse around the end of 2013 this tune off the Black Light Spiral album seemed to be a staple in their bags and something of a weird cross-over beast. It seemed so damn unusual and just plain FRESH to hear guys from an Eski/Grime background rinsing such full on distorted frequencies and washes of wailing voices. I don’t know much about Untold; he gets classified as Techno in the main (not that I would know? or care particularly?) but it almost reminded me of the first Lo Recordings EP back in 1995 – Slack Dog: New York Dawg? Scuzzed out, free-running, bubbling bass. Whereas I remember that tune (and many others of its ilk) letting the warm analogue fuzz smear out the audio spectrum, this seems to make maximum use of shredding, cystalline, razor-sharp digital distortion while letting the sub rumble away clean(ish) beneath. Bass science right there. We have the technology these days after all. Oh, and apparently this tune always makes the resident soundman in the club run for the desk thinking the speakers have gone!