Mumdance B2B Pinch Rinse FM

The dirty uncles sounding totally at ease and on top of their game, thumping out the “deep, dark, rollers.” Old and new, all styles and a new W3C dubplate that smashes it.

No idea what that tune is that comes in at 13:04 is?? but it’s a fuckin’ destroyer! and my new sub woofer in the car nearly blew out the windows!!!

Download while you still can.

Aquarian: Hamburglar Helper (Hanger Management)

Aquarian massively on point again and he’s upped the bass, yet again, bigtime. Seems to do it everytime. First listen you think ‘ho-hum’, all a bit techno formalist, but then you hear his signature mastery of teasing out the build and tension and it’s really on the breakdown and second drop at the 5:00+ mark that the track lights up and reaches full dancefloor velocity; the wicked, totally infectious, chopped breakbeat shuffle that he’s so good at. Minimal ingredients, maximal results.

NKC: Tincture (Her)

Storming release on Sudanim & Miss Modular’s Her label! with a typically hi-shine polish and almost (dare I say) hyper clean “designer” cut. Her definitely have their own aesthetic going on, artwork included; nothing scuzzy or frayed round the edges at all.

Absolutely loving the stripped back boom and crack of the broken beat pummelling and the precision screeching here; on a par with Mumdance & Logos explorations, but steadier, smoother. And yeah, its true; it is shorn of melody (for the better I’d say) but I don’t really hear the connection with tribal house at all?!? Read the blurb from the label below. Interesting developments afoot for sure; “Hard Drum”….

Growing tired of clunky descriptions of the hybrid tracks he’d been pushing at Even the Strong and in sets on RinseFM and Radar through 2015-16, NKC adopted the term ‘hard drum’ as a tongue in cheek shorthand for his and other producers’ polyrhythmic creations. Moving into 2017, those listening carefully will be aware of a groundswell of mostly UK based producers and DJs gravitating towards this sound, reminiscent of UK funky and tribal house, but largely shorn of melodic components. NKC continues to proffer the label ‘hard drum’ for this new development, gently prodding anyone struggling to interpret artists’ influences forwards into something more than a continuation of older scenes.”

RDG: Tiger Style EP (Circle Vision)

“Moving in several directions at once”, as an old mate used to say.

The bass pulse on ‘Tiger Style‘ overtakes the step of the beat and the oscillating top wobbles and delicious spring reverbs on the claps blend it all into a bonkers tortoise and hare race to the finish. Totally hypnotic and unintelligibly tech, like taking the back off some electronic device and looking at a jumble of coloured wiring and solder – and then realising you know fuck all about technology!

Sky Pulse‘ explores similair territory but in a more airy and ethereal vein, nudging into suspect retro synth era flourishes.

Markee Ledge/Youngsta: Industrial (Artikal Music)

You know exactly what to expect with “single-minded” Mr. Plod; and no-one ever mentions him or his output without mentioning that, let’s be honest (which is just another scenester way of saying what exactly? You tell me hehe?)

Rigid, unwavering dubstep; typically functional, everything exactly where it should be, and where you expect it to be. It’s super solid, it bumps, you nod your head, you listen to the shorn and stripped minimalist aesthetic and then you move on. Until next time.

Broken English Club: The English Beach (LIES)

Couple of stand out tracks for me here:

Wreck‘ is admirable for its almost pagan, industrial war dance, round the burning fire, vibe; no hand shake at all, as it lines up the cross hair and delivers the projectile coup de grace.

Carrion‘; nice blippy, early AFX, industrial electro tip with ebm-ish vocal scouring that doesn’t swamp the vibe.

Concrete Desert‘ is my top tune; a looped, nuclear detonation strength, kick explosion that emits a levelling fallout cloud. Bleak, so bleak.