“It’s got to be completely dark and covert all the way”

Ten years ago I hung up my headphones, sold my decks, sold all my vinyl and headed off into the sunset. That was then, but this is now and definitely no need to wax lyrical about the past here.

Last weekend I played out (properly) for the first time since, in Berlin @ The End is Nigh party at der Kopi; great soundsystem, proper low end, no stars, proper locked-in, open-minded crowd, dancing. Positive vibrations and a lot to find inspiration from; not least from how the tunes I played out sounded (I’d only ever listened to most of them on my headphones before so….huge pleasure, sonic surprises). Where the cruddy distortion and soulless speed of Breakcore killed it for me the science of quaking bass technique, slower tempo and – SPACE – has surely taken over.

I’ll be posting info and comments on tunes (and also other mediums) I’m feeling here from now on. There’s a lot of quality hybrid productions coming out that have regalvanised my enthusiasm for dark underground club music. Especially in the slower 128-140bpm fields and beyond the dubstep/brostep formulas too. If that’s your bag then drop by occasionally, leave a comment or reply and share some of your own thoughts.


6 thoughts on ““It’s got to be completely dark and covert all the way”

  1. Nice to read this! When you started to play your set at the Köpi Datacideparty, i couldnt believe my ears. I was freaking out to hear all this slow, droning, bassdriven tunes, not fitting the expectations and dancing between so many style influences. Independently of the great Hype of Dubstep, there were so many creative and fresh 140 bass -influenced releases in the last years. Thanx for that awesome set of you and hopefully there will be a nerxt time. P.S. Is there a recording of that set 😉 ?


  2. Thanks compadre. Appreciate the props. I agree re: fresh releases. Yeah hopefully I’ll be spinning more in the future. No recording of the set (thankfully heh). It was technically a bit of trainwreck not having mixed for a decade, more like a Reggae ‘selector’ style. Might do a unmixed podcast of it though?


  3. Completely agree with Zmoke here, the set in Berlin was blissful.It felt both dark and light at the same time – a neat trick to pull off.The bass and kick were so powerful in that room and the crowd could definately feel the change.It did seem to take some by surprise but it never felt as though they were negatively questioning, it seemed as they paused to fall forward that they had already made their pact to follow you into the fray.The room was on fire!!!! Thank you for contributing so brilliantly to a great party.


  4. Just found your blog after listeni… i mean: fuckin enjoying!!!! your mix for Praxis 2016.
    Finally I found something related to my tastes into the huge and sometimes unphatomable microuniverse of bass music. Its a big pleasure reading your comments on releases, Im discovering many names thanks to you.
    1000 x thanks. Regards and respect from argentina !


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