Cocktail Party Effect: Bring Out Your Dead


A strange, lugubrious, droney bit of bass/dubstep drift down the K-hole. Makes a nice change from all the bass line filth striving and rootical formularising going on out there. The bubbling acidic squelch line that fades up about half way puts the icing on the dark squat rave vibes.

RDG: Shapeshift


Sounds like they got stuck in their own K hole on this one! ‘Shapeshift’ kicks in with a promising, looped, cold rush rave vamp that quickly teeters on the edge of bloody irritating (but could be worked into a set to desired effect if the selector mixes it in ‘n’ out pronto) and then collapses into its own corner and nods out in a pool of piss as the rush kicks in.