Stave: Stave 17 (Standards & Practices)

Can’t get enough of this tune. Defies classification really, despite being tucked on the end of an industrial techno 12″. Definitely points the way to somewhere new I feel. Austere, haunting, and with big low end for the sound systems. Once again “moving in several directions at once”! (Fast tempo but somehow adrift on katabatic winds?)

Vargdöd: Bitten


One of those tunes where I was casually listening to the radio (Verity Sharp/”Late Junction” BBC Radio 3, cooking mi dinner, as you do heh) but had to stop and listen with full concentration when this came on. It grabbed me by the scruff of my neck! Had me thinking of Unit Moebius/Den Haag “dirge” techno but with heavier production.

A fine builder that could go on and on, but ultimately leaves you hanging for more when it cuts dead at the peak (as the best often do). Damn it all.