Monsters of Doomcore


One of those accidental finds where I was simply attracted by the name of the label; ‘Monsters of Doomcore’ (yeeeah!) and had to investigate…

Although when I looked up TPROE on Discogs and saw that he’s already supposedly released 25 albums(!?!) in the last 16 years I had to laugh. It’s surely impossible, for multiple reasons, to take any artist who makes that claim seriously (unless they’re maybe The Fall or the Melvins…and even then…ya get me?) That discussion aside (and unfairly perhaps? having little or no interest in exploring his back-catalogue as a result) there are definitely a couple of stand out warehouse-sized crowd smashers here.

I don’t really want to know or speculate what “Densely Packed Hitlers” is about? (especially with the label press-release touting over-population and that a “great culling is coming”…) however, the production does have expertly crafted, massive, crushing low end, clearly built to level huge space arenas in a cold rush vibe.

2 thoughts on “Monsters of Doomcore

  1. i have the same problem with other names, putting out music just because they can and often it doesn’t even sound like a finished track. also compilations with 100 tracks are a waste because after ~20 tracks i stop paying attention and if i skip through, it all sounds the same. in the next moment i am happy that i don’t miss much if i don’t listen to such artists or compilations 😉


  2. Thank you for the nice words. If i count my other projects i even think i made about 50 or 60 albums in that timeframe, so yeah. To paraphrase Andy Warhol as quoted on the fine Lou Reed/John Cale album “Songs for Drella”: “It’s just work”. Although i doubt i can match the output of Merzbow or Jandek, but i can surely try. Anyway, there is A LOT more coming. 🙂


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