ARtroniks/Minzo: Unknown Forces


It’s almost refreshing, with all the other straining and striving going on from many other producers, to hear someone who just plain knows exactly what he wants to sound like, knows exactly how to do it and just puts his head down and throws down a mechanoid, cold, banger. No chinks in the production, no amateur edges, no indecision, just smooth and blank as a Great White’s predatory glide. In fact, one barely feels the influence of human hand or touch at all it’s so icily tech. But that’s no surprise as ARtroniks productions very rarely waver from top notch on that front.

This has all the required bleakness and paranoia for late night headphone spliff sessions too. The ARtroniks remix wins by a margin by ratcheting up the sawing and grinding bass ingredients, making it even more robotic and alienating.


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