TSVI: Set You Free EP


A cryptic underground feel to this release. Not much info out there on the artists involved, (certainly not much evidence of anything in the same vein on their Soundclouds) a seemingly newish London Bass label but right on the money with the territory they’re exploring.

Sharing some of the deconstruction aesthetics of Rabit or Bloom this initially feels firmly bedded in Techno foundations (particularly ‘Yeah’) but becomes more hybrid Grime orientated the further one delves into the tracks.

The Lokane remix of “Headshot” is heavy on the disorientating psychedelics and splintered, heavy and jarring in its own right, but unquestionably it’s the Luru remix that really heats up the mixing desk and runs it red to maximum slamming effect, saving the best for last. Full of the right amount of gritty distortion, swirling spatial trickery, gnarly rollercoaster peaks and G-force troughs this is true industrial Grime. You just need to be right out in the middle of the dancefloor for this one. Absolutely blazing!


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