Sleeper: Lander


Sleeper & District’s Resurrection EP at the tail end of 2013 was a very techy, saw filtered, drum n bass type affair (sounding very like a slowed down Bad Company or Renegade Hardware in places) but Sleeper’s following Chestplate release was superior on all fronts. He’s definitely increased the bass tonnage of late (on his ‘Shatterz’ 12″ on his own Crucial label back in July of this year) and the subs positively ooze out of the speakers now like a perfectly oven-heated camembert cheese. ‘Lander‘ is a vast, haunting, oppressive deep space mission (& not a single rasta ingredient to be heard!) while ‘Stronghold‘ ratchets it up into gnarled, overheated, thruster engine momentum with monsterous lava bubbles of gloopy bass. Very paranoid and jittery.


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