Commodo / Gantz / Kahn: Crystal Collect


Off the Volume 1 (2×12″) LP on Mala’s Deep Medi Musik label. I’m a big fan of Istanbul’s Gantz. His 2014 ‘Spry Sinister’ was a massive, hypnotic lumbering beast of a tune, really pushing the envelope of ‘deep’ and successfully deconstructing prevailing Rasta schtick to full effect at the same time. Still play it, still love it. His follow-up ‘Baby Face’ on Innamind Recordings kept the same deep, hypnotic vibe going but in a slightly more ethereal, psychedelic, tech vein. Haven’t really been feeling his other productions until this…

‘Crystal Collect’ kicks off with (sadly) almost mandatory Rasta foolishness and a “Yes Iyah!”, but all is forgiven when a truly nasty, saggy bottomed, post-rave vamp injects the venom on the drop before waiting to be used to relentless funereal effect the second time round. Very K hole and dubwise on the effects and reverbs.


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