J Kenzo: Straight Defeat (instrumental mix)


I just don’t have time anymore for ANY tracks feat bloody MCs, “spitting” or chatting their shit about “murking” their rivals/”bwoys” better-not-testing/running tings/smoking marijuana blah blah blah. Over it. I find it utterly tedious, lumpen and steeped in testosterone cliches. For sure there’s a time and place for it in the live context (pirate radio sessions and for working certain crowds) but laying it down in the studio for repeat listening….no thanks. I just don’t get why producers feel they have to succumb to the temptation or trend? It never improves the beats. It’s invariably just Rent-a-Ragga nonsense. I haven’t heard a convincing or vital MC track for years (decades possibly, not since Prizna’s “Fire” feat Demolition Man!) which is why I always go straight for the instrumentals.

Case in point, this is a fine slice of slow burning, creeping dread Trap, replete with enough late night urban paranoia to forgo any generic MC shite spoiling the vibe. It builds precisely and scientifically and then the bleep riff rachets it up into a truly hypnotic, head banging, masked-up curb crawl, locking you in for the ride.


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