Untold: Strange Dreams

Strange Dreams

When I started checking Mumdance (his FACT mix 417 in particular) and Logos mixes on Rinse around the end of 2013 this tune off the Black Light Spiral album seemed to be a staple in their bags and something of a weird cross-over beast. It seemed so damn unusual and just plain FRESH to hear guys from an Eski/Grime background rinsing such full on distorted frequencies and washes of wailing voices. I don’t know much about Untold; he gets classified as Techno in the main (not that I would know? or care particularly?) but it almost reminded me of the first Lo Recordings EP back in 1995 – Slack Dog: New York Dawg? Scuzzed out, free-running, bubbling bass. Whereas I remember that tune (and many others of its ilk) letting the warm analogue fuzz smear out the audio spectrum, this seems to make maximum use of shredding, cystalline, razor-sharp digital distortion while letting the sub rumble away clean(ish) beneath. Bass science right there. We have the technology these days after all. Oh, and apparently this tune always makes the resident soundman in the club run for the desk thinking the speakers have gone!


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