Rabit: Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider

Off the Double Dragon EP on the aptly named Glacial Sound label. If you start exploring the Pinch/Mumdance/Logos Bass spectrum it won’t be long before you run into this Houston producer. A tremeloed chip/c64 intro takes a massive free-fall on the drop into nothing more than relentless floor shuddering bass and the barest suggestion of a snare/blip, the only further movement directed by skittering, bubbling percussion and a pitched down Mover-esque “Yeeeah”. Maximum standstill out on the dancefloor as brains try to compute their own imaginary beats where none are given.

It’s an astoundingly bold statement in stripped-to-the-bone mechanics.

(As a postscript, I’m a touch dubious about his The Great Game: Freedom From Mental Poisoning mix. I get the sentiment but any talk (or sonic claim) of ‘purification’ and ‘violent repentance’ is nothing more than hackneyed old bunk to me and rarely “devastating”. Could just be the journo over-milking the pudding though? Then when I saw the name NON I was confused (but it would equally have tallied with the language) Eh? Boyd Rice back from the dead peddling his schtick again? But no, not that NON but “a collective of African artists”, one hailing from Cape Town no less? Read on.)


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